Optical Express, the number 1 provider of laser eye surgery in Europe, has opened its newest clinic in Lakeside, Thurrock

Optical Express, the leading provider of laser eye surgery in Europe, has 46 clinics in the UK and Europe. They carry out more laser procedures every week than any other provider in Europe and their Specialist Surgeons have now performed more then 500,000 treatments worldwide. As well as their 46 treatment clinics, Optical Express also have over 100 laser consultation clinics where patients can receive their pre and post operative care.

Laser eye surgery is a safe, affordable and more convenient alternative to glasses and contact lenses and is an option that is becoming more and more popular. Since laser eye surgery was first performed in the 1960s, over 20 million treatments have been performed worldwide. That’s millions of lives transformed! A common response from Optical Express patients is, “I wish I’d done it sooner!”

The laser technology available in every Optical Express clinic is the same technology used by NASA on their astronauts as it is the safest, most advanced laser technology in the industry.

A laser consultation at Optical Express is free and prices start at only £595 per eye. Optical Express also offer interest free credit making laser eye surgery even more affordable.

In addition to laser eye surgery, Optical Express are one of the UKs leading providers of glasses and contact lenses. At their new Thurrock location they have over 2,000 frames to choose from including styles from all the top designer brands. Contact lenses start from just £6 per month including free home delivery.

More then 15 employees will be based at the new location. Gary Blair, Regional Manager of the new store, said, “As the number one provider of laser eye surgery in the country our Thurrock customers were always asking when we would offer this service here. We are delighted that the new store allows us to expand our services and offer this life changing treatment here in the Lakeside centre.”

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