Corporate Social Responsibility

As Optical Express continues to grow, so does our passion about making a difference in local communities and further afield. We are committed to supporting a variety of charitable and community programmes.

Corporate Responsibility

“Now we need to move towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility, where we judge results not just by the input but by its outcomes: the difference we make to the world in which we live, and the contribution we make to poverty reduction.”

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister (2007-2010)

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core value at Optical Express and is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Every day we demonstrate our beliefs in the guiding principles of our mission statement and in the way we do business. Our services make a positive contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by people all over the world.

Acting responsibly should be fundamental to how we carry out every aspect of our business. We demonstrate this to our employees, our customers and patients, the environment and society as a whole in a wide range of ways. Our employees are the key to unlocking our potential to make our good business great.

We know the value of our people and show this by encouraging development, by recognising achievement and by looking after all aspects of their well being.

Charity and Good Causes.

Optical Express work with worthy and life-changing charities to positively affect people’s lives. We are committed to improving the lives of others by dedicating time, capital and services to those most in need. Our recent charity work reflects a company-wide policy to improve eyecare and eye health for millions of people worldwide and we remain dedicated to do this.