Optical Express team organises Easter Egg Charity Drive

This Easter, Optical Express’ professional services team organised an impromptu Easter Egg Charity Drive, soliciting donations from the Optometrists and store staff that they liaise with.

The over 300 eggs, collected in the weeks leading up to Easter, were donated to three different charities, CareVisions, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS), and Erskine Hospital.

CareVisions provides homes, support, and a number of other resources for children and young people with complex needs, while CHAS provides professional care, emotional support and practical help for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Erskine Hospital is a charity for ex-service men and women, providing these individuals with nursing and medical care.

“There are so many wonderful charities and organisations operating in the UK, so it was difficult to select just a few to donate the eggs to,” said Agnes Rodrigues, Professional Services Team Leader. “I think we were all really excited about the charities we ended up choosing, though, and it was great actually being able to deliver all the eggs ourselves and see how appreciative everyone was.”

The drive started when the team received a handful of chocolate Easter eggs as a gesture of thank-you from the staff members they oversee. This inspired them to use the staff’s generosity as an opportunity to collect and contribute Easter eggs for charity. With this objective in mind, the team emailed Optometrists and other store staff, asking them to donate eggs. The result was over 300 eggs, far more than the team had anticipated.

“What started as a very simple idea – to donate the handful of eggs that we received to charity – quickly spiralled into a much larger and more substantial effort,” Rodrigues said. “Once it really took off, however, it was amazing to see how quickly a few eggs turned into a few dozen, and eventually a few hundred.”

The Easter egg drive quickly gained visibility in Optical Express’ head office as the colourful boxes piled up, setting an example for others who may have their own ideas for reaching out to the community.

“This is a great example of a few individuals at Optical Express seeing an opportunity to do something for the community, and taking advantage of it,” said Joanna Patterson, Marketing Assistant. “It’s in many ways a small gesture, but I think that both the children and the ex-service men and women will really appreciate it. It sets a great example for others within the organisation to look out for opportunities, and take the initiative to take advantage of them.”

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