Optical Express Supports Chernobyl Children Life Line

Optical Express welcomes children from Belarus this month as part of a programme of support for the children’s charity, The Chernobyl Children Life Line (CCLL), founded in 1991 in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion of 1986.

As a result of the radioactive fallout from the explosion, thousands of babies are born every year with sight problems, thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia.

David Moulsdale, Chairman and CEO of Optical Express said, “We have supported the CCLL for several years and are delighted to continue our work with them. Last year the children visited our stores for their eye tests and treatment and we were pleased to give them all a clean bill of health. Our Specialist Optometrists are able to diagnose not just problems with sight, but major health issues too, so it is especially important for the children of Belarus to have a comprehensive eye examination. We are more than happy to provide that for them and to provide them with any glasses or eye care they may need.”

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