Optical Express still saying ‘Thanks a Million’ to emergency services and NHS

In 2017 we carried out a nationwide survey to establish which professions most deserve our gratitude. The survey revealed that the British public thinks nurses deserve the most thanks for the hard work they do, with firefighters and doctors coming a close second and third. The results of the survey inspired us to launch our ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign.

‘Thanks a Million’ is our pledge to provide £1 million of free laser eye surgery to our hard-working NHS and emergency service staff.

A massive, big ‘Thanks a Million!’

To date over 100 people have received free treatment and we are delighted that the number is still going up! The patients treated under the programme are some of the most deserving of our thanks and it has been our pleasure to help them achieve visual freedom.

It has been incredible to hear stories about how laser eye surgery has helped people carry out their jobs better.

Fire Fighter Daniel told us;

“Wearing glasses at work was really difficult due to the nature of the job

“Now, because of the surgery, I know that at any time of day or night my vision is going to be clear.

“Just being able to see things that are more than a couple of feet away without glasses or contacts is quite amazing actually.”

Daniel is just one of many we’ve helped achieve visual freedom, to learn about some more of the people who have benefited from ‘Thanks a Million’.

We look forward to gifting even more free surgery over the coming months to our brilliant NHS and emergency service workers.

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