Optical Express reports successful launch of Ambassador Programme

Optical Express has announced the successful launch of its Ambassador Programme.

The programme, available to all past laser and intraocular lens treatment patients of Optical Express, enables referrers to choose how they would like their referral reward – valued at hundreds of pounds – to be distributed. They can claim the reward themselves, give their friend or relative the full discount, or split the reward.

After a trial run at the end of 2009, the Ambassador Referral Programme was officially launched in early 2010. Since then, over a thousand valued patients have taken advantage of the unique opportunity offered by the opticians.

“We’re extremely excited about how the programme has gone so far,” said David Carson, head of the Ambassador programme. “Everyone has really embraced the opportunity, and we’re seeing promising numbers and getting great feedback.”

All three options surrounding the allocation of the reward have been very popular, according to Carson.

“The fact that we’re seeing such a distribution of choices in terms of the reward really reaffirms to us that our patients appreciate the choice we’ve provided them with,” he said. “If one [option] had been overwhelmingly popular, we might have considered reworking the programme, but as it stands, the numbers indicate that our referrers like having all three options.”

Despite the relatively limited time frame in which the Ambassador Referral Programme has been running, patients have been extremely enthusiastic, Carson said.

“We’ve seen numerous patients referring three, four, even six of their friends and colleagues in the short time since we launched the programme,” he said. “Every day we’re getting calls from patients who have just been treated, anxious to receive their pack in the mail and start referring. The momentum that is building right now surrounding Ambassador is just phenomenal.”

Optical Express offers free laser eye surgery consultations at over 100 locations across the UK and Europe.

About Optical Express:
The Optical Express Group was founded in 1991 and is now a global leader of selected healthcare services, specialising in opticians services. The group covers optical stores, refractive laser eye surgery, glasses, contact lenses as well as dental clinics.

Optical Express provides trained specialists to help patients determine which laser eye surgery treatment is best suited to their unique needs and offers the most advanced eye surgery treatments such as LASEK and LASIK eye surgery as well as Advanced CustomVue Wavefront and Intralase.

Optical Express is the leading provider of laser eye surgery in the UK and Europe, with over 100 laser eye clinics including laser eye surgery in London and opticians offering pre and post-operative care.

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