Optical Express Recruit World Renowned Surgeons as IMAB Members

As UK and Europe’s number one provider of laser vision correction, Optical Express remain committed to clinical excellence and delivering the highest levels of patient care. As such they have recruited several of the world’s most renowned Ophthalmic Surgeons and specialists in the field of refractive surgery as members of their International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB).

Each IMAB Surgeon member has a wealth of experience, has treated many celebrity patients and is recognised as an expert worldwide. In addition, each of the IMAB members has been the recipient of various awards, honours and accolodes, and has written a large number of clinical journal papers and books.

These Optical Express IMAB members are; Dr. Stephen Coleman, Dr. Steven Dell, Dr. Colman Kraff, Dr. Robert Maloney and Dr. Stephen Slade.

Optical Express is dedicated to achieving clinical excellence and delivering outstanding patient care with every Optical Express Surgeon annually assessed by this board. The IMAB meetings help keep the Surgeons abreast of new technologies and techniques in the field of laser vision correction and industry regulations.

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