Optical Express Is On The Ball With iScan Advanced Eye Care Report Launch

A state-of-the-art personalised eye care report based on an eye health initiative developed for some of the UK’s top football teams is being launched by Optical Express.

The iScan advanced eye care report, available only at Optical Express, the UK’s leading eye care provider, is a detailed prescription which is the first of its kind within the industry. In addition to setting new clinical standards throughout the optical industry iScan will also improve patient care.

The service is based on work undertaken by Optical Express and Bridgewater Hospital with the Premier League’s biggest clubs. Players received an eye examination and an in-depth report on the status of their eye health. The clinical benefits of the initiative convinced Optical Express, the UK’s leading eye care provider, to develop a version of the report for patients.

After months of research, Optical Express is now offering iScan, a diagnostic report containing detailed information about a patient’s visual health and the unique characteristics of their eyes.

The report, which incorporates a 3D map of the outer window and inner eye and eye health details that are not typically part of a written eye prescription, will be issued via email after patients attend a refractive consultation.  It will eventually be offered to all patients undergoing an eye test.

The new service aims to empower patients by giving them important information about their eye health and advice, if needed, on how it should be best managed. It also includes screening for important diseases which, if left undiagnosed, can cause severe vision loss such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Other advantages include enabling patients with degenerative eye conditions to be monitored more effectively and providing patients who are unsuitable for refractive procedures with a high-level prescription that could identify them as candidates for treatment as technology improves.

The report will also enhance Optical Express’s robust consent process by giving patients identified as suitable for refractive surgery further information about the risks and benefits of their recommended procedure.

The first-of-its-kind, iScan is set to be launched across the UK later this month. The report, which will then be rolled out to Optical Express clinics across Europe, is completely free-of-charge to everyone attending a refractive surgery consultation. Over 90% of patients are suitable for refractive treatment.

Dr Steve Schallhorn, Chief Medical Director and Chairman of the Optical Express International Medical Advisory Board, said:

“We’re very excited about the iScan launch, which utilises advanced medical technology to better inform patients about their eye health.”

“We want patients to be in the driving seat when it comes to making decisions about their eye health. By giving them a full, clear picture of their eye condition, and detailed information about the options available we also hope to make the patient journey more comfortable and easier to navigate.”

Each report is tailored to the individual patient and draws together information from each stage of their eye examination and refractive consultation.

Patients who have been identified as suitable for a refractive treatment will also receive details of the recommended procedure along with their surgeon’s biography if they have booked surgery.

Those who are unsuitable for treatment will receive information on the other optical solutions available to them including glasses and contact lenses, as well as discount on eyewear.

Optical Express is Europe’s only full service eye care provider, offering every optical solution from glasses and contact lenses to laser eye surgery and lens surgery.

Dr Steve Schallhorn added:

“I urge everyone who receives an iScan report to read it carefully as it contains a host of useful information.  Regardless of whether you are suitable for refractive surgery, the iScan provides vital information about your eye health.  This includes screening for important diseases which, if left undiagnosed, can cause severe vision loss such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.”

“For those who are suitable for a refractive procedure and decide to progress with treatment, providing information about the procedure and specific details of your surgeon will also help to ease any anxiety or concerns. Laser eye and lens surgery are life-changing procedures with extraordinary benefits so we’re keen to do all we can to empower our patients and ensure their peace of mind.”

“I’m confident that the community will welcome our iScan service and recognise Optical Express’s commitment to put patients first.”

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