Optical Express invests $12 million to enhance patient care

Optical Express, the world leader in refractive surgery, has today (26 May) announced a $12 million investment in next generation laser eye surgery technology, enhancing patient care and improving vision beyond 20/20.

This latest investment will see all 44 Optical Express laser treatment clinics across the UK and Europe installing state-of-the-art iFSTM 150 femtosecond laser systems during 2010, reinforcing its dedication to developing the highest quality science-based products and services.

The equipment, designed to improve LASIK flap creation, will deliver a customised laser eye treatment for every individual patient that is safer, faster and will deliver improved outcomes.

Steve Schallhorn, Chief Medical Director for the Group said:

“We remain at the forefront of technological innovation and through continuous investment we are dedicated to achieving the best clinical outcomes while leading the delivery of world class care.

“This latest investment further enhances our reputation as the world leader in laser eye surgery. I am delighted to be able to offer all our patients in the UK and Europe iFSTM 150 technology as I know that it the very best available in the world today.”

Group Chairman and CEO David Moulsdale said:

“This level of investment is testament to our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our patients get the very best visual outcomes in the safest manner possible. As a result of the investment, we are able to confirm that even more of our patients will achieve better than 20/20 vision.”

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