Optical Express continues growth and opens in Bradford

Following on from the recent successful opening of their new Uxbridge clinic, Optical Express continues to grow its portfolio with the opening of a new eye clinic in the Yorkshire city of Bradford.

Optical Express have been providing high quality optical care for over 20 years and have been established in nearby Leeds for over 10 years following the acquisition of ‘The Eye Clinic’ in 2002.

Rebecca Milner, who has been with the company for over five years, manages both the Leeds and Bradford clinics and hopes the new location will have similar success: “Bradford is well equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, to offer patients world class eye care at a local level. The new location allows us to reach more people than ever and allows us the chance to introduce our patients to life changing treatments such as laser eye surgery and natural lens replacement.”

Optical Express is in a unique position as, unlike any other eye care provider in the area, they can offer their patients every optical solution in the one clinic; from eye examinations, glasses and contact lens appointments to laser eye surgery and natural lens replacement consultations.

Optical Express Chairman and Managing Director, David Moulsdale said: “We are fortunate to be in a position to grow our business in tough trading conditions. We will be continuing to build our portfolio of local clinics throughout the year and I am excited to see our position strengthen further in 2013. The location of this new clinic is new to the Optical Express brand and we are looking to build strong relationships with the local community. Our dedicated team of staff is looking forward to welcoming new patients.”

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