Optical Express Announces Installation of VISX S4IR Laser in Clinics Worldwide

Optical Express announced the installation of VISX S4IR, the most technologically advanced wavefront guided laser with iris registration capabilities, in all their clinics worldwide.

This substantial investment means that from today every Optical Express patient will be treated with the VISX S4IR laser, which has been proven to deliver the safest, accurate and most precise results. The VISX S4IR is the only iris registration laser that matches the shape and detail of the iris allowing the most precise alignment using the most advanced technology in the world. The same Iris Registration technology is used in airport security screening.

World renowned refractive surgeon and Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, Steve Schallhorn is the Chairman of the International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) for Optical Express and he said, “The system is the most advanced technology platform in laser vision correction and all servicemen in the USA Navy requiring laser vision correction are treated using the VISX S4IR with Wavefront as the very nature of their job demands the highest standard of vision.”

Since entering the refractive surgery market Optical Express has consistently focused on delivering exceptional quality of clinical outcomes and customer service experience through continued investment in technological advances. The introduction of the new VISX S4IR highlights the commitment and dedication of the group to patient safety and exceptional surgical outcomes.

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