Optical Express Announce Introduction of Wavefront Technology in Clinics Worldwide

Optical Express, the number one provider of laser eye surgery in UK and Europe has announced the installation of Wavefront technology in all their clinics worldwide.

The substantial investment means that from today every Optical Express laser eye surgery patient will be offered the option of Wavefront technology, which precisely measures and corrects the unique imperfections of each individual’s eyesight.

The technology, originally developed for use in high powered telescopes, has been modified for use in surgery allowing the Surgeons to identify, measure and correct imperfections 25 times more accurately than with the conventional methods used for glasses and contact lenses.

CustomVue Wavefront technology uses Iris Registration to ensure the highest levels of safety and accuracy. Twenty four unique reference points in the iris are identified during the measurement and then matched to the patient’s eye under the laser. Any alterations in pupil size or eye position will be automatically and precisely calculated by the laser, ensuring optimum precision of treatment.

Since entering the refractive surgery market Optical Express has consistently focused on delivering exceptional quality of clinical outcomes and customer service experience through continued investment in technological advances. The introduction of Wavefront technology highlights the commitment and dedication of the group to patient safety and exceptional surgical outcomes.

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