Optical Express Announce Introduction of IntraLase FS Laser in Clinics Worldwide

Optical Express, the number one provider of laser eye surgery in UK and Europe has announced the installation of IntraLase in all their clinics worldwide to provide blade-free procedures.

This substantial investment means that every Optical Express laser eye patient will be offered the option of a blade-free laser eye surgery procedure. For over 15 years standard mechanical methods have been used which have been proven to result in excellent outcomes, however, the IntraLase precision laser technology will now offer Optical Express patients an alternative to the mechanical method.

The Benefits

  • IntraLase enables even faster healing and recovery rates than standard methods of the creation of the protective flap.
  • IntraLase can improve precision and visual results of LASIK, whether you choose to have a standard or CustomVue procedure.
  • IntraLase allows surgeons to tailor the corneal flap for each individual patient, and each individual eye.
  • IntraLase is of particular benefit to patients with steep, flat or thin corneas, some of whom are not eligible for LASIK/LASEK surgery performed with a standard microkeratome.
  • In terms of medical procedures laser surgery has a complication rate of less than 1%. However these complications are further reduced by opting for the IntraLase precision laser procedure.

The introduction of the IntraLase FS laser highlights the commitment of Optical Express to deliver the best quality of clinical outcomes and customer service experience, while maintaining exceptional levels of patient safety.

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