Optical Express Announce Acquisition of Bridgewater Hospital, Manchester

Optical Express announced the acquisition of Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester and the addition of this private hospital facility to the company’s growing portfolio.

The state of the art hospital offers a host of services ranging from cosmetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and liposuction to providing specialist laser eye surgery and intraocular lens implant procedures. In addition, the services on offer include Orthopaedic surgery and care, with specialist treatment for sports injuries from some of the world’s most eminent Surgeons. The hospital also houses the leading NHS and Private Pain Practice which has grown and developed into one of the country’s most highly respected pain treatment centres.

Also based within the hospital is the renowned Manchester Fertility Services (MFS), a private medical centre founded in 1986. The facility has grown and developed into one of the country’s most highly respected and successful IVF and donor insemination centres and provides treatment to women, who because of infertility or other problems, would otherwise be unable to conceive.

David Moulsdale, Chairman and CEO of Optical Express said, “The Surgeons, Nurses and support staff within the hospital are dedicated to providing the best patient care. Bridgewater Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology, some of which is unique in the UK, to perform various procedures including refractive surgery, surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments, orthopaedic surgery and diagnostic services.”

Bridgewater Hospital opened in 2006 to become a purpose built private medical hospital and an established health and day surgery provider for all patients in the Greater Manchester area.

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