International Medical Advisory Board convenes for annual meeting in Mallorca

Members of Optical Express’ International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) recently convened in Mallorca, Spain for a three day conference. From September 8-10, the board reviewed and discussed Optical Express’ policies, procedures and clinical outcomes, as well as examined the newest refractive technologies to ensure that Optical Express continues to deliver the best possible outcomes to its patients.

The meetings were chaired by Optical Express’ Chief Medical Director Dr Steve Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy. Drawn from across the globe, board members include several of the world’s leading refractive surgeons.

Unlike the traditional model of advisory boards, the role of the IMAB extends beyond merely approving standards and initiatives. The IMAB plays an active and integral role in determining the future of Optical Express, thereby capitalising on the broad expertise of board members. By combining the expertise of board members with Optical Express` extensive data set, the board is equipped with the resources to drive the company in such a way that continually raises the quality of care that Optical Express can offer its patients.

Members of the IMAB include Dr Schallhorn, Dr. Jan Venter, Dr Stephen Coleman, Dr Joseph Colin, Dr Steven Dell, Dr Colman Kraff, Dr Marguerite McDonald, Dr Stephen Slade, Dr John Vukich, Dr Michael Knorz, Dr Burkhardt Dick, and Dr Mitchell Brown.

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