“I won laser eye surgery, and it’s changed my life.”

In November 2010, Margaret McFadden of Kilbride Grove in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland won the possibility of having free laser eye surgery to correct her sight from Optical Express. The monthly competition is open to everyone who has enquired about laser eye surgery with Optical Express.

Four weeks since having the procedure, Margaret McFadden comments; “It’s changed my life, being able to see clearly has made me feel younger.

“Some of my friends had laser eye surgery and I saw the difference it made to them. So I thought, well I fancy a bit of that.

“I hadn’t actually been for a free laser eye surgery consultation before I won the procedure so I was very nervous when I was waiting to hear if I was suitable or not after the tests.

“The possibility of not having to wear my glasses all of the time was a dream.

“For me glasses are annoying, especially when I am cooking or shopping. Now I don’t need glasses when I’m baking or at the supermarket.

“The staff and surgeons at Optical Express in Dublin were reassuring and professional. I can’t believe that I won laser eye surgery.

“If you’re considering laser eye surgery I would definitely recommend going for a free consultation to see if you are suitable.

“Not everyone will be as lucky as I was to win the procedure but there is finance help available. Seeing clearly makes life much more enjoyable.”

Margaret McFadden won the monthly Optical Express competition in November 2010 and received her free consultation to see if she was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery on 6 January 2011. Margaret McFadden’s eyesight was corrected with a LASIK procedure on 24 January 2011 at Optical Express in Dublin.

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