Dunfermline Location Now Offers Laser Consults

This month, Optical Express’ Dunfermline location is excited to announce that they are now offering laser eye surgery consultations. The location, which has been around for ten years, has six staff members, including new Optometrist Jennifer McFadden, who will be conducting the laser consultations.

The location also offers a massive assortment of frames, with over 1,200 in stock. The range of glasses and sunglasses are all displayed on the first floor in an open-space concept, although the location occupies all four floors of the building.

The Dunfermline clinic is conveniently located on the high street.

Lee Smith, the General Manager, commented with enthusiasm about the change.“We are absolutely delighted to add laser consultations to our clinic offerings,” he said. “It has always been a fantastic location for glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, but laser consultations really add to the range of services that we can offer our customers. We are hoping that both current and new customers will take advantage of this great opportunity and come in for a free consultation.”

Optical Express is the leading provider of laser eye surgery in Europe, and the only corporate provider to offer the complete eye care solution, including glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery and intraocular lens treatment. With over 100 locations, including Dunfermline, offering pre and post-operative care, it couldn’t be more convenient to access treatment.

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