DEKRA Certification

Day surgery clinics will in future be legally obliged to have their complete quality management system examined by an independent institute. As a leading laser eye centre, Optical Express has already had all of its premises successfully certified. There is something special about the current DEKRA certification under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008: whereas many laser eye centres to some extent only have individual operation methods or treatment areas examined, Optical Express has tests carried out on the whole range of company processes. “We believe that laser eye experts have a duty to offer patients the highest level of quality and safety,” says Adrian Draghioiu, head of quality management at Optical Express. “We are therefore obviously delighted that we now have the ISO certification to officially confirm that our quality management, which has always been rigorous, fulfils the rightly strict requirements at every level.”

Quality from experience and specialisation
Quality management at Optical Express is based on several pillars: Firstly, the company relies on specially trained and experienced experts. All eye specialists at Optical Express must attain a special qualification within the framework of an internal advanced training program. In addition, each operation assistant at Optical Express must successfully complete a comprehensive specialised training plan. Adrian Draghioiu adds: “The best outcome can be guaranteed only if the chain of action surrounding the laser eye procedure is perfectly organised and everything goes seamlessly!”

Established across Europe for more than 20 years, the ophthalmic surgeons from Optical Express have carried out over a million treatments in that time. “We are therefore the laser clinic which has carried out the most laser eye treatments to correct vision problems and thanks to our wealth of experience we can offer the greatest possible safety to the patients at all of our premises in Germany,” declares Adrian Draghioiu. In addition Optical Express uses only the most modern devices and continuously invests in improving equipment. And last but not least, Optical Express relies on standardised processes. This means Optical Express starts by offering each patient a free, no-obligation consultation. This is followed by a detailed initial examination. Optical Express also provides comprehensive post-treatment care. Furthermore the treatment is carried out in accordance with clear guidelines geared towards the individual needs of each patient. Mr Draghioiu, the quality manager, states: “Our eyes are the most important sensory organs, and the new DEKRA certification now gives people who want to undergo laser eye treatment an independent recommendation that they can trust us to supply absolute quality at the highest level.”

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