International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB)

Optical Express Surgeons are annually assessed by the International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB), consisting of several of the world's leading ophthalmic surgeons and opinion leaders.

The Board includes Chairman Mr. Steve Schallhorn, Medical Director Mr. David Teenan and member Surgeons; Dr. Jan Venter, Mr. Stephen Coleman, Mr. Mitchell C Brown, Professor H. Burkhard Dick, Professor Michael C. Knorz, Mr. John A. Vukich, Ms. Marguerite McDonald, Mr. Yoshihiro Kitazawa, Mr. Steven Dell, Mr. Colman Kraff and Mr. Stephen Slade.

The IMAB conferences continue to expand our surgeons’ knowledge and keep them abreast of recent developments in laser vision correction and intraocular lens (IOL) treatment.

For more information please visit the International Medical Advisory Board area within the Optical Express website.

A World Leader

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