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At Optical Express we are fully committed to minimising our environmental impact. Our aim is to educate the entire optical industry on the life changing benefits of refractive surgery and the environmental impact of all vision correction solutions. 

We are proud to donate laser eye and lens replacement surgery procedures to optometrists and pre-reg optometrists in the UK and Ireland.

The Environmental Impact Of Your Vision Correction Choices​

Manufacturing, shipping and supplying contact lenses, packaging and glasses creates huge carbon emissions. Every year in the UK alone, more than 750 million plastic contact lenses1,2 are used and thrown into landfill or washed down the drain, forming micro-plastics in the ocean and endangering ocean life.

By choosing laser or lens replacement surgery, you are playing your part in protecting our environment.

We are all responsible for the wellbeing of our planet. One in three contact lens wearers are completely unaware of the environmental impact of their contact lenses.1

We all have a part to play and with almost 800 million plastic contact lenses being used in the UK each year2, we have the opportunity to make a difference by teaching our patients about the damage done by contact lenses and educating them on the alternative solutions available.

A More Sustainable Solution

Give Something Back & Help Us Stop the Threat to our Ocean ​

Demonstrate a commitment to helping to reduce the environmental harm single-use and other plastics cause to our ocean by contributing a voluntary donation to a charity that is set up to do just that – Ocean Generation.

By donating to Ocean Generation, you will be supporting them to continue their critical work to provide education around Ocean threats, develop practical behaviour change solutions, and seek to influence policy change.

Small changes can make a big difference to benefit the world around us. Play your part today.

  1. 1. If you are found to be clinically suitable by an employed Optical Express Optometrist and are entitled to this offer (see section 4) we, Optical Express, will provide you with laser eye surgery or lens surgery without charge.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, ‘Laser Eye Surgery’ is defined as any of the following; iLASIK, iDesign iLASIK, LASEK or iDesign LASEK.
    3. For the avoidance of doubt, ‘Lens Replacement Surgery’ is defined as Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) or Cataract surgery.
    4. The treatment covered by this offer is the treatment you are deemed clinically suitable for by an Ophthalmic Surgeon, either employed or providing medical and surgical services to Optical Express. Your primary Terms and Conditions document defines what is included in terms of pre-operative consultations and post-operative aftercare.
    5. All qualified Optometrists and Pre-Registration Optometrists who hold a current and valid General Optical Council (GOC) or CORU registration are entitled to this offer. We will verify that you hold such a registration through regulator websites.
    6. If we cannot verify that you hold registration with one of the Optometry Regulators detailed within section 5 prior to treatment, you will not be entitled to this offer.
    7. This offer is open only to UK and Republic of Ireland residents, aged 18 and over. It may be taken up at any of our treatment clinics in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Optical Express reserve the right to confirm from which clinic pre- & post-operative care will be provided and from which clinic treatment will be offered.
    8. Photographic ID must be presented at your pre-operative Refractive Consultation.
    9. Pre-Reg Optometrists must present proof of degree qualification at pre-operative consultation.
    10. You must be confirmed by an employed Optical Express Optometrist as clinically suitable for Laser Eye Surgery or Lens Replacement Surgery at your pre-operative Refractive Consultation to be entitled to this offer. For the avoidance of doubt, the final decision with regards to your clinical suitability will be determined by clinicians working on behalf of Optical Express.
    11. The number of initial consultation appointments is limited, as is specified within your primary Terms and Conditions document, and may only be scheduled Sunday through Friday. For the avoidance of doubt, pre-operative Refractive Consultations in line with this offer will not be scheduled on a Saturday.
    12. In order for this offer to be valid, an initial online enquiry form must be submitted on or before 31st July 2021.
    13. In order for this offer to be valid you must attend your pre-operative Refractive Consultation at an Optical Express clinic on or before 31st October 2021.
    14. In order for this offer to be valid surgery to one or both eyes must take place between 1st August 2021 and 31st December 2022.
    15. All bookings, that being pre-operative consultations, surgery and routine post-operative appointments, are subject to availability.
    16. Should you be advised to attend a clinical review(s) prior to undergoing procedure, as determined by an Optical Express clinician, your surgery dates may be extended, at the discretion of the Optical Express Clinical Services Director.
    17. As a condition of accepting this offer you are required to attend / participate in the minimum number of post-operative aftercare appointments as determined by an Optical Express clinician. For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum aftercare appointments are defined as one day, one month and three months’ post-surgery. (LASEK treatments involve at least one additional post-operative appointment within one week after surgery and typically around 4 days post-operatively).
    18. As a condition of accepting this offer you will be required by Optical Express to complete a series of questionnaires at key stages of your patient journey with Optical Express. These will typically be following your pre-operative Refractive Consultation and following each aftercare appointment. You may also be asked by an Optical Express employee to complete these after any additional consultations that you may be required to attend.
    19. As a condition of accepting this offer and following completion of your surgery, your first name and job title will appear on Optical Express websites.
    20. As a condition of taking up this offer you will be required to complete a short written testimonial. Optical Express reserve the right to use this testimonial alongside your, first name and job title on the Optical Express websites and within Public Relations (PR) activity relating to the Industry Initiative Campaign. Your personal information, with the exception of the information outlined in section 19, will not be disclosed. For the avoidance of doubt, the name of your employer will not be disclosed. You are not entitled to any payment as an alternative to this offer.
    21. Optical Express will not cover the costs of or reimburse any costs or charges associated with pre- or post-operative consultations or day(s) of surgery. This includes, but is not limited to: travel, parking and hotel stays.
    22. This offer cannot be set against other products or services available by Optical Express other than those treatments defined within section 2 of these Terms and Conditions.
    23. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with your Primary treatment Terms & Conditions and Informed Consent documents provided to you at your pre-operative Refractive Consultation.
    24. This offer may be withdrawn by us at any time, without notice.


1. Optical Express survey of 3,104 Contact Lens wearers.


*Applications for The Optical Express Industry Initiative 2021 closed on 31st July 2021.

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